days and people might pass by quick- but memories will stay until you let them go

Snail-mailed all the papers I needed to mail today. phew. One thing less to worry about. Now I can only wait until they process my application. After that it's paper-signing and then Im off.
Bye bye Louisiana, for now at least. Im for sure coming back to visit though, when I have time and money... (so probably not too often)

Spoke with Coach Mundschein about me leaving, and he was supernice and cool about it. We had a good talk and got along great. As long as I don't have to train with him I really don't mind him at all. Tomorrow Im going to grab the bull by its horns and go upstairs to talk to Coach Brady... I'm sure he won't be as understanding, but since our last talk was intense I think this one might be calmer. Or, so I would hope, because I want to leave in peace. If not, oh well... I'm still leaving and I'm excited about it! :)

To conclude the day I'm attaching a piece of memory from the weekend.

I'm off and gone, and there is nothing that can stop me.

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