this is me, in crimson and cream

Today was my fourth track meet in crimson and cream colors. It was ok. I threw the weight 16.44, not as far as I wanted to but I was more consistent today than I've been before. So with this being a light week I think I at least have a chance of setting a new PR in Nebraska at the Big 12. I am happy they decided to take me with them to Conference, it is going to be fun!

Not super excited about all the assignments I have to finish up today and tomorrow though.. I had two papers due on Thursday and an essay-test Monday. We're leaving to Conference on Wednesday so I will have to turn in my papers on Tuesday... which gives me a crazy amount of work to do.


the dress of my dreams

In this picture is the dress of my dreams. It is ocean blue/green, and fits like glue! Next time I see it I am going to buy it.... not that I think I will ever use it (that's why I didn't buy it last time), but in case I might use it one day...at least I got a picture of it. I still think it is awesome.
princess-like ey?


page after page after page

I read the last 100 pages in Gladkov's Cement today.. Finally Im done with it, and Im happy about it because that was a boring book, it had some entertaining and interesting moments but they were few!

I also read 60 pages in Anne Orthwood's Bastard (history book about people in the colony of early Virginia...)... Way more boring than the other book... I still have to read the conclusion tomorrow (which is 3 pages long). I could read them tonight, but 60 in that book is just too many pags, I can't do 3 more....

Now I am going to grab a bowl of cereal and soymilk and watch Garfield The Movie... that's what I call quality time!


New PB and coats of arms

Saturday I threw a new PB in the weight throw! 16.69. Getting closer to that 17-line (not that we have one, we have 16 and 18, but anyways). Not only did I throw pretty good, I changed peoples lives! not really... or drastically.. but one of the girls thought it looked like a lot of fun when I was throwing, so she wanted to start throwing it too. Another couple of girls were also inspired by me tossing the weight. (Yeah, it wasn't really a high-class meet... or any top schools there... same kinda meet this coming Saturday)
BUT it is always nice to be a source of inspiration!

Today I drew my family's coats of arms. It was an assignment for my Autobiography class, and I enjoyed it. I put more time into drawing the coats of arms than I did my history paper... I got really into it, and actually made it mean something, and I am quite happy with the outcome. When I have a chance Ill try to scan it and put it up here.

Other than that I am a little concerned that I am still up. I have been going to bed at 11 p.m. close to every night, but right now I am to inspired and excited to even think about bed. Feels like I switched to art-mode. I want to create.

Another exciting thing is that my class is cancelled on Wednesday! I have all day to read (100 pages in one book, and 50 in another), sleep in, eat, and then practice. Quite exciting!


The Quick Campus Tour

The super quick tour of Norman Campus
I pass this area on the way to three of my classes
The College of Journalism (where I currently have no classes but will be stationed pretty much for the next two semesters)

OU Football Stadium

The Clock Tower

Library (still haven't visited... but I have to go there tomorrow to find a book I have to read this weekend!)

OU Spirit... Go Sooners!


first Saturday in February

”you get out a lot more pound for pound and inch by inch on your throws than a lot of your colleagues” One of the officials referring to me, I guess, being relatively small and light compared to other weight throwers. I am working hard on it though, on both the strength and the weight. I do think that if I get an increase in strength the weight should come naturally.I am pretty pleased with the track meet, not so pleased I feel like I did good and can sleep well, but pleased enough not to be upset. AND I cant wait for the next one!I want to go out there again and throw the weight, and the shot. Because I know I have a lot more in me. Personal best, and a school record in the weight throw. Not bad. The shot put isn’t bad either. It is getting there. In the last two throws I got one piece together- my left leg. Too bad that I didn’t really know what to do when I got it down that early… it came as a what it seemed like a shock to me… I am understanding it more and more, and keep on working on it this week. I think I will get it pretty soon, and be able to push the ball out there. So it’s exciting. Felt good to compete again. An adrenaline rush every now and then is always good.

Other than that the day was great. Long day at the track made me tired so I couldn’t really hang out for as long as I would have liked, but the evening was still nice. Had dinner at one of the coach’s house. Played some Wii and Rockband! I rock the drums! (at least when the setting is on easy). Rock band is so much fun. It almost feels like you have your own band rocking out, and you can always pretend you actually could play. Very stimulating.

I got a cookie today (which I have been wanting for 2 weeks now) and cheesecake (also been talking about that for a couple of weeks…). So my cravings have been stilled. I am now officially happy.



Yes, thats right! It was snowing yesterday!

I was not too excited in the morning when I had to bike to my 9 a.m. class and it was hailing... I tried to hide my head as much as I could in the jacket, but it still hurt when the balls of ice hit my face...

Crazy is when I got out of class. It was a white blanket outside. Snow!

Can't even describe how excited I was. So long since I had real snow this close to me. Today when I woke up it was warm and now all the snow is gone... but I made a snow angel on my way to class this morning! I got super snowy and wet, but it was worth it. I had a blast. (easily entertained...)

Yesterday it was so much ice everywhere the cars had problems driving up the hill, and down the hill... it was quite amusing to watch while we (me and Amy) were sliding our bikes on the sidewalk.

Now, everything is back to normal. BUT it was winter for some hours, and I got to experience it. Now I know, I made the right choice in coming here... I take the snow as a sign. =)

The prettiest snow angel of the year