Yes, thats right! It was snowing yesterday!

I was not too excited in the morning when I had to bike to my 9 a.m. class and it was hailing... I tried to hide my head as much as I could in the jacket, but it still hurt when the balls of ice hit my face...

Crazy is when I got out of class. It was a white blanket outside. Snow!

Can't even describe how excited I was. So long since I had real snow this close to me. Today when I woke up it was warm and now all the snow is gone... but I made a snow angel on my way to class this morning! I got super snowy and wet, but it was worth it. I had a blast. (easily entertained...)

Yesterday it was so much ice everywhere the cars had problems driving up the hill, and down the hill... it was quite amusing to watch while we (me and Amy) were sliding our bikes on the sidewalk.

Now, everything is back to normal. BUT it was winter for some hours, and I got to experience it. Now I know, I made the right choice in coming here... I take the snow as a sign. =)

The prettiest snow angel of the year

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