first Saturday in February

”you get out a lot more pound for pound and inch by inch on your throws than a lot of your colleagues” One of the officials referring to me, I guess, being relatively small and light compared to other weight throwers. I am working hard on it though, on both the strength and the weight. I do think that if I get an increase in strength the weight should come naturally.I am pretty pleased with the track meet, not so pleased I feel like I did good and can sleep well, but pleased enough not to be upset. AND I cant wait for the next one!I want to go out there again and throw the weight, and the shot. Because I know I have a lot more in me. Personal best, and a school record in the weight throw. Not bad. The shot put isn’t bad either. It is getting there. In the last two throws I got one piece together- my left leg. Too bad that I didn’t really know what to do when I got it down that early… it came as a what it seemed like a shock to me… I am understanding it more and more, and keep on working on it this week. I think I will get it pretty soon, and be able to push the ball out there. So it’s exciting. Felt good to compete again. An adrenaline rush every now and then is always good.

Other than that the day was great. Long day at the track made me tired so I couldn’t really hang out for as long as I would have liked, but the evening was still nice. Had dinner at one of the coach’s house. Played some Wii and Rockband! I rock the drums! (at least when the setting is on easy). Rock band is so much fun. It almost feels like you have your own band rocking out, and you can always pretend you actually could play. Very stimulating.

I got a cookie today (which I have been wanting for 2 weeks now) and cheesecake (also been talking about that for a couple of weeks…). So my cravings have been stilled. I am now officially happy.

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A-K sa...

Hur långt blev de då?

Mikaela sa...

Oj, missade jag den detaljen... 16.29 i viktkastningen och 13.67 i kulan.