New PB and coats of arms

Saturday I threw a new PB in the weight throw! 16.69. Getting closer to that 17-line (not that we have one, we have 16 and 18, but anyways). Not only did I throw pretty good, I changed peoples lives! not really... or drastically.. but one of the girls thought it looked like a lot of fun when I was throwing, so she wanted to start throwing it too. Another couple of girls were also inspired by me tossing the weight. (Yeah, it wasn't really a high-class meet... or any top schools there... same kinda meet this coming Saturday)
BUT it is always nice to be a source of inspiration!

Today I drew my family's coats of arms. It was an assignment for my Autobiography class, and I enjoyed it. I put more time into drawing the coats of arms than I did my history paper... I got really into it, and actually made it mean something, and I am quite happy with the outcome. When I have a chance Ill try to scan it and put it up here.

Other than that I am a little concerned that I am still up. I have been going to bed at 11 p.m. close to every night, but right now I am to inspired and excited to even think about bed. Feels like I switched to art-mode. I want to create.

Another exciting thing is that my class is cancelled on Wednesday! I have all day to read (100 pages in one book, and 50 in another), sleep in, eat, and then practice. Quite exciting!

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