The clubhouse (the apartment office), served us breakfast this morning, for whoever wanted some. I walked down there to eat a little, because breakfast is always good for you, or so I thought. This one was good, but it wasn't too good for me... It is a striking difference in what would be served as breakfast over here and in Sweden.
When I think breakfast I think youghurt (you know those small ones), any kind of bread (dark, white, loafs) with a slice of cheese or ham. A cup of orange/apple juice, and some fruits.

The fruits were there when I walked into the clubhouse this morning, but that was the only thing familiar at a breakfast table. There were mini-muffins in different flavors. Glaced doughnuts. sliced short cake, and Capri Sun juices (made from concentrate).

And we wonder why people gain weight when they come to America...

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