New Years Eve

New Years Eve was a nice, but cold, night. I spent it in San Antonio, TX. It sucked being far away from both my Louisianan crew and family, and my Swedish, but it was nice to be together with some of the buddies from CAC I don't get to see that often.

San Antonio treated me great as always. We stayed at Rob's brother's house, and since I was the lady I got to sleep in a bed while the guys crashed on the floor...

While being there we didn't do too much. Just chilling and relaxing. Me and Rob did go to the driving range to hit some golfballs. First time ever for me! It was fun, but required some patience. I completely missed the ball the first 10 min, but after that I got the hang of it and it actually went pretty far out there... or 160 yards. I thought it was great until the kid right next to me hit his ball 250 yards... I need more practice!!

At midnight on New Years Eve we were all right by the Alamo stadium watching the fireworks downtown. It was a freezing night but we still enjoyed it. My winter jacket came in handy.


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