When one take so many words in, there must also be an output

The other day I was writing here thinking that now when I have so much reading to do I will not have time to do any blogging, at all! It now seems to be the exact opposite. I have more time, and a greater need to blog. One can only do so much reading at a time before the brain is fried. I have decided to be smart about studying this semester, which includes not to pile everything up and read hundreds of pages at once, but rather in small sections.

It does not only give me more quality study time, but more motivation to actually do it. I know I only have to read hundred pages in the course of on entire day! 20 pages now, 20 later. The readings actually become quite interesting when you can grasp the essential and understand what it is all about, instead of just plowing through.

No matter how intelligently I am looking at this reading/studying I will still always sigh the minutes before I take up a book when I know I do it because I HAVE to... It is impossible for me to trick myself and pretend I am the one WANTING to read all these books.. I am just too smart for that.

No, it is not a building block competition... it is the book pile of the semester (minus three of the books)

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