fainting and hologram band-aids

Yesterday felt like a long day. Not only that I had to sign my life away on 500 different pieces of paper (Ok, slight exaggeration, but it took 1 hour to finish the package I got. I am pretty good at signing my name by now.), but I also had to take my physical. Has never been a big deal before. I go in there they check my eyes, blood pressure, and if my body seems normal. Over here its a different story, it was quite serious. It started out with the normal procedure- no problems.
The nurse was impressed my eyes were so good she asked me a couple of times if I really didn't have contacts in.

The bad part started when it came to them removing blood from my body. I sat down held my arm up and said to myself that I was going to do ok by breathing and not looking at either the needle or the blood. So I didn't. He pricked my right arm and it hardly hurt or made me feel sick. I had time to think wow, I did good this time, before he pricked me again. This time it hurt a wee bit more and I started to feel sick to my stomach. Well, I thought, at least I'm still sitting up and it wasn't really that bad.
The doctor unwraps my right arm,- you have good veins but I can't get any blood so let's try the left arm. Third time is a charm ey.
Sorry doc, but I couldn't really appreciate the comment at that time...
He pricks my left arm and now it hurts real bad. I'm guessing he taps me on blood because my ears start ringing, my blood pressure is sinking and I start rambling words in Swedish.. I realize it and tell the doc I'm about to faint.
He helps me stand up... then it's dark.
I wake up when blood rushes back to my head while laying on a chair. I open my eyes but still the ringing in my ear and the blurr so I close them again and go back to the black quiet resting space I've been occupying to get away from the unconfortable experience. After a cup of water and sitting up I wake up and continue my way to chest x-ray.

After that the nurse comes to get me:
- Do you want the meningitis vaccination today or another day?
-I might as well take it today. Already fainted once why not twice?
-Poor you, I promise I will do it quick and without any faintings.

2 sec. later

-oh, and have you been vaccinated for the flu this year?
-we might as well go ahead and do that at the same time...

[yay. I am so excited and can't wait to go with this nurse to have 2 needles stuck into me!]

When she comes back she has a gatorade for me to drink and some crackers I can snack on. I snack while she forces the shots way into my muscles... it wasn't that bad, but the flu shot hurt. I kept on drinking, snacking and breathing. She was doing her job really good, just like my dentist back home. I felt like a kid again... 23 year old kid. Even more so when she gave me silvery hologram band-aids with stars on...
-Not everyone gets these!

Didn't I feel special?!

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A-K sa...

Haha, vad söt du är! Men nu är det gjort iaf! Vi borde skypa nån dag :)Kram

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