HC 101

I went to the hairdresser today with the intention of only chop, maybe 1 inch off... -didn't happen.

Instead the lady took me through a tour of what she called HairCare 101. I got a lecture on how to treat my long hair and what to do so I can save it and get it longer without having it brittle at the ends.

1. When towel drying hair only pat
2. Apply shampoo at scalp only and let it rinse through rest of the hair.
3. Apply conditioner from the bottom upwards
4. Never use a brush (ooops)
5. When combing it out, always carefully work your way from the bottom and up
6. After showering, apply a small amount of conditioner on the ends and leave it in

Wow... I have for sure never taken care of my hair, but from now on I'll try.

oh, and she chopped 3 inches off! THREE! hmpf, now it feels short again. But she told me that if I follow her advice I'll be able to save my hair and have it look heatlhy, AND only cut an inch twice a year.... That would be awesome!

To enjoy my new haircut (which I don't really like because it's too short!) I am going brunette again... eagerly (kinda scared) waiting for the result...

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